Create a healthy relationship with social media

Do's and Dont's

Social media can be a double-edged sword, providing both benefits and drawbacks, and it’s how we manage those that can impact on our wellbeing and help us create a healthy relationship with social media.

Do ask key questions about your usage

It’s important to build self-awareness when it comes to our social media usage in order to better monitor our wellbeing. As Kern says, “Do you keep your friends updated on your activities? Post pictures of your family? Complain about work or other people? Passively browse news feeds without commenting? Do you feel like it helps you connect with others, or do you feel addicted and controlled by it?”

Do self-regulate and set boundaries

If your social media usage is interrupting various aspects of your daily life, it can be useful to set some rules or timeframes for checking your account. For example, browsing for a limited time in the evening or not browsing when in bed, suggests Kern.

“Limit screen time and leave phones out of the bedroom for a daily disconnect. It can be insightful to see how much control you do have and whether you can do these daily challenges.”

It can also help to get friends involved. “When you are having food together, get everyone to put the phones way,” she adds.

Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides

To protect your wellbeing and mental health, Demartini says it is crucial not to compare your life to others.

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