Up close: Success stories with Scarlett Johansson

From a low-income household to being one of Hollywood’s hottest stars and becoming a fierce advocate for women’s empowerment, Scarlett Johansson has written her own rules for success.

Many women in their 20s struggle to find themselves. For Scarlett Johannson, it meant  experiencing the ups and downs of movie stardom and a failed marriage to Ryan Reynolds.  But as befits a resilient, independent-minded young woman born and raised in New York City, Johansson rebranded herself in a series of daring independent films (Under the Skin, Her, Don Jon) while regaining movie star bankability with her appearances in Luc Besson’s Lucy and The Avengers films.  She also embarked on a parallel personal makeover by marrying French journalist/PR executive Romain Dauriac and moving to Paris where she gave birth to her first child in September, 2014.

Although she and Dauriac have since separated, Johansson has emerged stronger and more self-confident than ever.  When she gave a rousing speech at the Women’s March on Washington in January, audiences saw Scarlett embrace both a defiant new public persona as well as a pixie haircut that is part of her transformation. We’re witnessing the birth of a forceful feminist who is fulfilling the promise of her breakout performance in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation (2003).  Ever since, Scarlett has had to live up to impossibly high expectations that marked her reign as Hollywood’s latest ‘It Girl’.

Read the full cover story by Jan Janssen / Viva Press in the Success Issue of muse magazine.

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