Up close: the evolution of Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson - Photography by Nick Leary

Everything Elle Macpherson touches seems to turn to gold, but for the model, mum and entrepreneur, luck is a product of mental discipline. She reveals the mindset behind that happy demeanour in the latest edition of muse magazine.

Elle Macpherson is learning to play the ukulele. It’s a strange choice for someone whose stature earned her the nickname, The Body. The small string instrument mocks her near-six foot frame and image as one of the country’s most successful models and female entrepreneurs. “Some people may find it frightening,” she says. But then Elle Macpherson – an amalgam of the name her younger sister Mimi gave her when she couldn’t pronounce Eleanor and the name of her mother’s second husband – has always forged her own path. Despite planning to follow her stepfather’s lead into law, in line with the family’s academic values, at 17 Elle went overseas to try her luck modelling and stayed for two decades. It instilled a sense of self-determination that would take her to remote corners of the globe and to the edge of her own limitations. 

“When I first started my career, it was a very different world… and I was a different girl. As a model, I had to wait around to be chosen. I decided early on in my career that I wanted to choose my own path and control my career,” she says. “This has led to many creative and challenging pathways, all of which I have learnt from.”

We get up close and personal with our muse magazine cover star in the second edition, so pick up ‘The Happiness Issue’ today!

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Photography: Nick Leary.

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