Ash Hart busts the myth of perfection

Ash Hart

For women whose livelihood relies on their looks, and for whom aesthetic critique is an occupational hazard, the pressure to find perfection is as unrelenting as it is unrealistic. We caught up Ash Hart to bust the myth of perfection and find out how she maintains perspective.

I really don’t look camera ready all year round at all. To me, looking camera ready is just about being who I am and is evidence of my everyday lifestyle. I take care of my body and skin, and I let that – along with my flaws – shine through the camera.

On misconceptions

That models are somehow perfect would be the biggest misconception. We have flaws just like everyone else and we are all undeniably photoshopped these days. What you see, is certainly not how we are all the time. We have a full make-up and hair team armed with products, extensions and clothes to make us look the way we do.

On beauty routines

I just keep it really simple. I use a cleanser, some sort of serum and a moisturizer both day and night, and that’s it. I try to keep it as natural as possible and I make sure I remove my make-up thoroughly every day. I also love to apply my Swisse Multivitamin Repair Oil after being out in the sun.

On hair

My hair used to be white blonde and I loved it but it was so, so unhealthy – one day it just literally snapped! So the last 12 months has been all about taking lots of hair vitamins and funneling money into treatments, putting coconut oil in my hair every day and dying it less and less. It’s only just now getting back into a healthy condition and I’m so happy. In Melbourne I use Organica Eco Salon, but I also have another hairdresser based in LA.

We have flaws just like everyone else and we are all undeniably photoshopped these days.

Ash Hart in make-up

I like to make it look like I haven’t put any make-up on but I totally do. I always use a concealer on any little dots and underneath my eyes, my Swisse BB cream, apply a mascara or just use an eyelash curler and I go for a nourished looking lip so I always use a good quality balm. Eyebrows are definitely my thing and I don’t leave the house without my eyebrow gel.

On current trends

I love the ‘less is more’ trend and I think this can extend to our skincare regimens too. Just keep it as natural and simple as you possibly can. I think we often have a tendency to be too excessive and it actually causes damage. For example, I was using an exfoliating scrub recently on my face and it just pulled all the natural oils out of my skin. I think the take-home is to not cover too much and let people see you for who you really are.

On tricks and tips

Every time I put a lip balm on, I use any remaining balm on my cheekbones and just under my brow. Even if it’s a stained red or pink, it looks really beautiful and keeps the skin hydrated.

On beauty lifestyles

I always go back to water, water, water! I think it’s so important, especially for the bags under my eyes and the condition of my skin. I always feel so much better about my appearance when I’m hydrated. I also think stress is a huge factor. You can always see when someone’s had a really hard year in their face and skin, so I’m a big advocate for meditation for both health and preventing the ageing process. I swear by it.

On true beauty

I feel most beautiful when I’m down at the beach – the hot night air and ocean swims and salt and being under the sun during the day. I just feel happier and sexier when I’m basking in the summer vibe. I think my sister is still the most beautiful person I know. I know her on such a deep level, so it’s not just her external beauty. It’s the closest relationship I’ll have in my life and I really get to see her. It’s a beautiful relationship.

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